Family Yoga with Rosie

Family yoga with Rosie starting March 9th. For Kids and their Grown Ups: ● Family bonding techniques ● Yoga Stories ● Yoga Games ● Relaxation/ practicing calm Rosie is offering a series for kids 0-4yrs old and another for 5-8yrs old: Mondays 3:15 pm- 4:00 pm, 5-8yrs  Wednesdays 3:15 pm- 4:00 pm: toddler-4yrs  Parents practice with Your children for FREE...

Girl’s Empowerment Yoga: a 4 week series

Girl’s Empowerment Yoga (Ages 10-14) 4-week Series Fridays March  6, 13, 27 and April 3rd $15/class ( drop in welcome) Join Harmony Cunningham, a registered 200-hour yoga teacher who has been teaching for over 5 years in schools, youth centers, treatment centers and drop-in classes for high and low-risk individuals. She brings a holistic practice to students to meet them...

Bonnie's Building Resiliency Series - Mon Jan 20 & 27, Feb 3 & 10 2020

Building Resiliency: A Trauma-Informed Series

with Bonnie Williamson. Mondays, Marh 9,16 ,2 3, 30 1:30 – 2:30 pm (4 classes). Though simple yoga and mindfulness practices, students will learn self-regulation techniques that support better management of stress, trauma, addictions, depression, and anxiety. No hands-on assists in this class.

Mindfulness Meditation - A Method to Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Mindfulness Meditation to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

with Heather Ferris and Gary Greenstein, Thursdays in March 2:15 – 4:00 pm. Join Heather and Gary to experience some freedom from habitual ways of being and set up conditions for a future free from anxiety, depression and other forms of suffering using mindfulness meditation.

Plant Spirit Yoga

Plant Spirit Yoga

with Stephanie Rose, Saturday April 4th, 1-3:15 pm. Our intention is to connect with the Plants through our senses. We use homemade plant medicines such as tea, salves, infused sprays or oils to engage the body and anchor us into the energy of each Plant.