Deborah Carruthers

Deborah CarruthersDeborah’s vision for a harmonious place to gather – integrating yoga, meditation, counselling, massage and workshops – has blossomed into Harmony Yoga and Wellness Center.  Harmony provides a safe and nurturing community, where people can choose what they need to support their healing and transformation.  Harmony is a place of laughter, lightness, love, kindness and support.

As the founder of Harmony Yoga and Wellness Center, Deborah is dedicated to providing skillful and transformative yoga and wellness.  She began her journey with yoga later in life and has practiced the Ashtanga method ever since.  She completed her teacher training at an Ashtanga Studio in Victoria approximately eight years ago and then traveled to Vancouver nearly three years ago to complete her Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clarke.  An avid student, she has made three trips to India to study with senior Ashtanga teachers and explore Indian culture. Her teaching style is influenced by many wonderful teachers including Chuck Miller, Kino MacGregor, David Swenson, and Rolf & Marci Noyoka.  Daily practice has radically transformed her life and her wish is to share this journey with her students.

In love and light.