What is Mysore?

Many people ask us, “What is a Mysore class?” To give you a bit of background, Mysore is the name of a city in southern India, where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois – one of the founders of the Ashtanga method – began teaching in the 1930s. Mysore is simply a method of learning Ashtanga Yoga step by step.

Deborah and Jenesa travelled to Mysore, India, to practice at the heart of Ashtanga Yoga.
Deborah and Jenesa travelled to Mysore, India, to practice at the heart of Ashtanga Yoga.

What do you do in a Mysore class?

During a Mysore class, you will learn each posture of the Ashtanga primary series in sequence. The series is a set of classical postures and sun salutations performed in a fixed order that links breathing and movement. The series is easy to memorize, which means that once you have gained sufficient mastery, you can take your practice with you, wherever you go!

Unlike a more familiar Yoga class led by a teacher who sets the pace for everyone, in a Mysore class, you learn and practise at your own pace. This means that different students will be working on different postures, as well as practising the part of the series they have already mastered.

Benefits of a Mysore Class

Mysore allows you to become fully immersed in your Yoga practice, without needing to keep checking what the teacher is doing. This gives you the opportunity to focus inward and gain greater benefits from your practice. The teacher will assist you individually with adjustments and give you a practice suitable for your ability. Mysore gives you the chance to ask questions and seek guidance from the teacher as needed. You’ll find our Mysore class welcoming, and you can learn from demonstrations, as well as share a chat and sometimes laughter!

The benefits of a structured Yoga program include the development of improved strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, digestion, breathing and concentration. The focus on correct posture and technique promotes mastery while reducing the risk of injury.

Deborah writes more about the benefits of Mysore in her post, A Month of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India.

Join Us!

You can drop in anytime for the two hours designated for Ashtanga practice early each morning (check our schedule for more information) and stay for half an hour or the full two hours. Practise the Ashtanga sequence three times a week, and you’ll notice how good you feel! Note: Ashtanga and Moon Days.

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