We are Not Alone in This

Hello everyone,
As we enter a new month, with increasing numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19, it is heartbreaking. Watching the news and seeing the suffering in hard-hit areas brings tears to my eyes. The saddest part is knowing people are dying alone in many cases and robbed of the support that could ease their passing.
The second area of suffering is for people who have lost their jobs, closed their businesses, and can’t pay their rent. While government support is coming – it is a way off and the enormity of applications will take time to process.
What is remarkable and fascinating to me is the resourcefulness and resiliency of people with the willingness to help, pay it forward, and take time to offer support to others. Truly, we see the basic goodness of people shining at the moment.
There is great comfort in knowing we are not alone in this. While I am concerned about my business being closed temporarily, I feel the same concern for everyone else. When this first happened, we did not jump into offering online classes as we just wanted to pause and reflect to see the best way forward.
This week we launched three classes and I am happy to report the first two went very well. Thank you, Steph, for an incredible task well done! She spent many hours setting these three classes up, answering questions, and helping folks with the technology.
A big thank you to the online pros- Fiji and Asrael! It is really comforting to take a class online with a teacher you know – hearing their voice and relaxing into their guidance.
The best way to help us in our downtime is to sign up for and attend online classes. It keeps your practice up and is potent medicine to help us navigate the uncertainty and fear that is with us for a while. If you need assistance with technology as I certainly do, please email us and Steph will guide you through it.
We will be slowly adding classes, so please be patient with us as it takes a lot of organizing to set up each class. We love to hear from you via Facebook or email as the connection is deep and nourishing.

Online Classes over Zoom

We have tried out both Facebook and Zoom last week and found that Zoom is much simpler and easier to navigate. Thank you, everyone, for your feedback. Going forward, all classes are over Zoom.
Zoom Instructions: Zoom is an online video streaming service. We set up classes and using your unique link and password you are able to join.
  1. Register for your class on Mindbody, AT LEAST 30 minutess before class begins, so you can be sure you receive the link. That said, we will do our best to get the link to everyone on time.
  2. We will email you the class link and password. Please do not share these as they are unique to you.
  3. Some classes will be pre-recorded and some will be live. For live classes, we will email everyone the recording afterwards, so you don’t need to join live. Sign into class, but take the class anytime.
  4. All class recordings will be available for 24hrs.
Please email us if you need any online support or have questions. We’re here to help!


2 weeks for $45: This pass is now available for everyone! There is no limit to how many times you can buy this pass.
1 month for $99: We are rolling out a lot more classes and want to help you take advantage of them, so our 1-month deal is back!


As part of the changing landscape, we are re-thinking how we use props to make sure it’s as safe and hygienic as possible.
Going forward, we are asking and encouraging everyone to bring their own bolsters and blocks to class.
We will have a small collection of props for anyone who has forgotten their own (including blankets and a limited number of blocks, bolsters, and neck pillows). You may also want to purchase props as you get your home practice set up!
To help you make this transition we are:
  • Placing custom orders for props over Halfmoon. You will receive a membership discount and save on the shipping. This will be a regular offering.
  • Selling our used props. We have cleaned and sanitized our studio props and will now be selling them used. Please reach out to us if you’re interested.

View our schedule and sign up online here.