Warm Flow

Warm FlowWe now feature infrared heaters in our studio! During the cooler months, expect a nice, natural warmth in the room for gentler yoga styles like Yin and Restorative, and a bit more heat to compliment our Ashtanga, Harmony Flow and Warm Flow classes. While we won’t be cranking things up to hot yoga levels, we want you to be comfortable in the slower classes, and in the more vigorous practices, we want to encourage a nice sweat and detox — especially as the weather cools. Once a week we’ll crank the heat and enjoy a warm flow class together!

Far infrared heat has numerous therapeutic benefits. Far infrared heat removes toxins that are stored in the body, improves flexibility & joint mobility, promotes healing, reduces muscle stiffness and pain, decreases soreness & inflammation, increases circulation, improves skin tone (it will even heal sunburn), promotes weight loss, enhances heart function, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and speeds cancer recovery.