These are some of the testimonials we received from people who have practised with us at Harmony Yoga.

Yoga HealsYoga Heals

I started my practice of Ashtanga Yoga at Harmony Yoga to internalize my yoga practice and see if yoga could assist me further in my healing process after a car injury some 4 years ago. I have practiced different styles of yoga over the years and I wanted to learn more about the poses and the healing benefits of yoga chitta. Through my journey, I have learned Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Flow Yoga. The direction and gentleness I received from Deborah was very supportive and gratifying. I was able to learn and safely work through my yoga poses, which in the end, realigned my body to the point where I no longer have any more pain. This would not have been possible without the technical knowledge, safety and unconditional support from Deborah and Michelle. For me, Ashtanga Yoga is like a great recipe. By following a specific sequence of postures over time it has allowed my body to realign, release pain and heal, as well as become more flexible in body, mind and spirit! I have much gratitude for the Ashtanga Yoga practice and its founder Pattabhi Jois, and for Deborah and Michelle.

Outstanding Yoga

Deborah Carruthers is quite simply an outstanding Yoga teacher, sharing her passion for Ashtanga Yoga with all students, regardless of their experience and abilities.

Deborah’s gentle manner and caring nature create a tranquil yet stimulating environment where each student feels comfortable in listening to their own bodies and in testing their own limits. Deborah’s strength as a teacher derives from her strong commitment as a student – always learning, always growing, always sharing new insights with her students.

Ashtanga Yoga and Deborah’s teaching have allowed me to develop new strength and flexibility and to recover from major injuries, allowing me to maintain a very active lifestyle.

– M. Hartley

Feeling Great

I come home from work with lots of discomfort in my upper back and neck muscles. At the end of 90 minutes of yoga, all my muscle tension has disappeared. My head feels clear and I am weary (in a good way) or completely energized! I especially like the practice near the time of a full moon. It is truly restorative.

– C. Paddle

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