Steph Rose Cebulka

Stephanie RoseSteph found yin yoga ten years ago as a way to heal her body. It wasn’t long before she fell in love with the depth and richness of the practice. Yoga, and in particular Yin, was a doorway – leading her to connect through the layers of her being, teaching her to trust and listen to herself in a way she never had before. Steph teaches Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Chair Yoga, prenatal/postnatal, meditation and Plant Spirit yoga and meditation.

Steph approaches yoga with compassion and patience. Her classes are accessible, safe and supportive. She believes in creating a space for people to feel empowered to listen to their body and always move in a way that nourishes their unique experience.  She has a deep reverence for the wisdom of the body and teaches with an emphasis on breath, alignment, and mindfulness. In her classes, she invokes the principles of sthira and sukha (effort and ease) balancing strength and softness, movement and stillness. Stephanie believes in everyone’s unique expression of yoga, always encouraging students to move with curiosity and kindness. She welcomes all bodies, ages, and abilities ( chair support and variations are available for any of her classes). 

Steph loves exploring the wild spaces within and without. In addition to yoga, Stephanie has a deep connection to the Plants and the land. She is a  folk herbalist, avid gardener, hiker, biker and lover of all things plant and bee! She draws so much inspiration from her work with Plants. One of Steph’s great passions is helping people remember their connection to the land and the Spirit of the Plants.  

Steph studied Hatha and Yin yoga with her teacher Joy Morrell in Nelson, BC, 100-hour vinyasa with Troy Hadeed. She studied meditation and Tantric yoga philosophy with her teacher, Sally Kempton. She received her 50-hour certification in Chair Yoga with Annette Wertman and prenatal/postnatal yoga certificate with Lori Lucas. Steph is a Reiki Master and teacher. Stephanie regularly sits with her Folk medicine teacher Angela Prider ( Little Bird), learning wisdom teachings of the Earth and how to live in service, sweetness, and reciprocity. She is currently taking her Herbalism certification through Wild Rose Herbal College. 

Steph is forever grateful to the unfolding myth, mystery, and wisdom. She bows to her ancestors, teachers, and the Land as they guide her on this path.

Stephanie Rose