Simply Surrender

Debs India Blog - 2018 Oct 28 - Seven Families One VillageFirst of all, a big thank you to all of you who support my journey. I acknowledge all of you for going that extra mile and picking up where I left off. My deepest gratitude to my best friend of 30 years who always supports my dreams and journeys, often with the sacrifice to his own.

Today, I feel connected to the emotional life here that parallels a rich spiritual life. I see that one supports the other. In the slow lane, you can see people and hear them without words. The language barrier helps me to go deeper and listen more carefully to what is being expressed.

An example – on my walk back from the Shala, I stop at a coconut stand and sit and drink from a newly cracked coconut. A nice young couple operate it – she is shy, and he does the talking. I chat with a woman from Spain who also practices at the Shala. When it’s time to pay my 40 rupees, I give 100, and they don’t have change. They say, pay tomorrow. They are so trusting and generous, as I sense they are very poor. I dig a little more in my wallet, and I find 50 rupees and tell them to keep the change. A little kind refusal, but I insist. Off I go on a slow, hot walk back to my home. He comes riding up beside me with change for 100 rupees. Now I can’t remember what I gave him and he insists. I cannot take money from these honest, hardworking people, so I out-insist him! A small victory.

Last night, I was invited to visit Munna in the hospital, with the family. Good news, he is on the mend. It was near my 7:30 pm bedtime, so I politely declined. It is tricky to keep my body temperature in check so as not to suffer heatstroke. These days, the temperature is between 35-36 degrees. Today, it means staying inside as my clothes need wringing out after practice.

Today, two more postures added on – full primary, and intermediate series almost half-way. It is like running a marathon in the blazing heat. I’m learning to pace myself and also face the postures – dropping back and up three times – that I would love to weasel out of. They must be done no matter how much I struggle, fear, or doubt. I simply surrender and do it.

There is an inner strength cultivated here. I observe a very deep-rooted pattern in me – to bypass, make excuses, and quit. Happily, I choose not to remain stuck in my ways, and that is the sweet nectar of the practice.

With love and gratitude