Our Re-Opening Plan: Starting May 26th

We miss you all dearly. We have been working hard and staying in contact with local health authorities to ensure that we are opening under the highest safety and health standards. In order to make this work, we appreciate everyone’s diligence and patience.

Our commitment to the studio:

  • The space has been repainted and professionally cleaned and sanitized in preparation for our opening.
  • We are continuing to use top-grade disinfectants and cleaners to ensure the space is sanitized.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available for use.
  • Classes will only run when we are certain health and safety is maintained. Any class that can’t be offered safely will be cancelled – at times, this might be last minute. All cancelled/missed classes will be credited back to the student.
  • We will continue to be vigilant and adapt as new info and policies come forward (Info from Island Health).

The “New Normal”

As we move forwards together, there will be changes to how we operate:

  • In-studio classes for students with active passes (class passes and unlimited passes). We are not able to accept drop-ins for our in-studio classes. You can renew your membership online or arrange to pay in-studio. If you would like to pay by debit or credit in-studio, please contact us ahead of time to set this up.
  • Please bring everything you need for class (props, mat, water). We are not able to supply the water fountain, mats, or props at this time. We are happy to help place custom orders through Halfmoon to ensure everyone has what they need for a supported practice.
  • Guided floor plan: We have placed a marked line on the ground for mats, each 6ft apart.
  • Weather permitting: We will open the doors to circulate fresh air. Our fans and internal air system will be running as well.
  • Limited use of the washrooms: Please change ahead of time and use the washrooms only when absolutely required. There will be no shower at this time.
  • No lobby/waiting room/social space: Entering and exiting the studio will need to be prompt to ensure teachers and students have adequate physical space and time before and after class.
  • No latecomers policy: As the studio won’t be “staffed” at this time, your teacher will need to lock the studio promptly when class starts. We are not able to accommodate latecomers at this time.
  • Teachers’ space: We won’t be able to congregate after class, though we still love to support you. Please consider emailing non-time-sensitive questions or feedback.
  • Students’ space: Teachers will not be offering adjustments and will be teaching from a safe distance from your mat. Remember to keep your distance from fellow students before and after class.
  • Online classes are continuing to run.
  • Stay kind: Kindness goes a long way.

Starting Tuesday, May 26th, We are offering in-studio and online classes!

In-studio classes are only for those with an active pass (excluding drop-in and 2-week Intro passes). You can still drop-in and use the intro pass towards our online classes!

Before class

  • Online sign-in: For online and in-studio classes, sign up online. There is no drop-in/walk-in for in-studio classes.
  • Class size is limited: Class sizes are capped at 12. The studio is well suited to hold 14 with mats 2 metres apart, so, in time, we will increase our cap to 14.
  • There is a maximum of one in-studio class per day, per student. Online classes are unlimited.
  • To cancel: Leave as much time as possible when cancelling your reservation, so we can offer the space to our waitlist.
  • Doors will be opened around 15 mins before class. We encourage you to wait in your car. If you are waiting at the door, please maintain distance in line.
  • Once the teacher is behind the desk, students may enter one at a time, removing shoes, coat, etc and going straight into the studio. Hand sanitizer is provided.
  • Guided floor plan: Lines are marked on the ground to indicate where mats can safely be placed to ensure mats are 2 metres apart, and there is space in the centre for the teacher to move and be seen.

After class

  • Directed exit: Teachers will guide you on your exit.
  • No lobby space: We need to leave as swiftly as possible. Waiting for rides, chats, etc, will all need to be done outside.
  • No shower: We are not able to use the shower.

Teacher + Member Responsibility: All Hearts on Deck

It is important to stay home if:

  • You have Covid-19, flu, allergy, or cold symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat, etc.
  • You are being tested for Covid-19 or are in contact with someone currently being tested for Covid-19.
  • You have travelled: Please follow government guidelines if you have left the country/province.

Practice personal responsibility and attend at your own risk

Please know that even with all our safety measures, by attending in-studio classes you are accepting a higher risk during an active global pandemic such as Covid-19. If you, someone you take care of, or someone you are in contact with, is at higher risk, we understand that in-person classes may not be right. We are committed to keeping our online classes running so you never need to compromise your comfort or safety.

It is with great compassion that anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave. This includes anyone who suspects they know the source of their symptoms (allergies etc). We have a strict no-symptom policy until government health authorities indicate otherwise.

Here is the BC self-assessment tool and resources to support us.