New Software, On-demand classes!

We are now offering on-demand classes! 

This means that we have a library of recorded classes you can access anytime. We have a great selection of styles and teachers! We are still uploading our recorded videos and will be adding new classes as we go!


Log in to your account or app and you’ll see “watch video” option. Sign in here.
Things to note:
  • Anyone with an active pass is able to access the on-demand library (class passes,
    unlimited, etc).
  • You will see fewer online classes in our weekly schedule. We will instead be adding new classes to the library
  • For our livestream yoga classes, we will not be sending out the recording by email. Instead we will add it to the video library. If you’re not able to make it live, no problem! Open the video gallery and access your class from there.
  • This change doesn’t affect our Somatics classes. They will be sent out by email as usual.

Wellness Living

We are a few weeks into our software change and feeling more confident and agile as we learn the ropes.
If you are having any trouble logging in, navigating, buying or viewing your passes, please reach out. We’d love to help!
A few helpful tips:
  • There is an app! Achieve by Wellness Living is a great and easy to use app. You can view schedule, book, cancel, buy online etc.
  • Make sure email notifications are turned on. This is how you will receive updates on classes (cancelled due to weather etc). It is also how you’ll receive your class confirmations and reminders. These are important. They have the links to either join a livestream class, or cancel your booking if you can’t make it.
  • Live stream classes: You can join from either the ” join virtual” button in your booking confirmation and class reminder email as stated above. You can also log into your account or app >> open your schedule >> and click Join Virtual from the class.
  • There have been a few annomolies and weird happenings. If something doesn’t feel like it’s working right, please let us know. The tech support has been awesome so far in fixing up things that aren’t working right or things that we didn’t set up correctly.