Nadia Boucher

Nadia BoucherNadia Boucher began exploring the practice of Yin Yoga in 2008 under the tutelage of Jessica Kerr Marais, immediately falling in love with and finding deep healing through the long-held postures and quiet internal focus, as well as Jessica’s incorporation of Buddhist mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness teachings, and T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) meridian teachings. Nadia has continued to deepen her understanding and explore her passion for the practice by studying with Bernie Clark and Carly Forest, completing both of their Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs. As well, she incorporates knowledge she has gathered from her background of intense dance training – R.A.D. classical ballet technique (Advanced II, teaching equivalency), anatomically-based and contemporary ballet technique, Limon and A.I.D.T. modern technique, release and improvisation exploration, and movement patterning – as well as elements from her work in STOTT Pilates, Buddhist mindfulness meditation, moving and walking meditation, Reiki energy healing and massage healing.

In each practice Nadia guides, her inspiration comes from her regular personal practice, with a focus on exploring the ever-shifting sensations of the body, heart, mind, and energetic system through relaxation, mindful awareness, connection to the breath and Earth, and a dedication to listening and observing in stillness and time. By bringing an insightful, intuitive, and unique perspective to the asana, energetic, and meditative practice of Yin Yoga, Nadia works to encourage and facilitate healing and opening of the body, mind and self to their fullest potential. Throughout the practice Nadia devotes her energy to creating a safe, supportive environment where each practitioner is encouraged to connect with and follow their own intuitive guidance. Practitioners are gently challenged to go beyond their comfort zone and to learn about their habitual unconscious reflexes and areas of tension. Nadia’s intention is to assist the practitioner in finding healing, release, transformation, ease and freedom – a sense of coming home into their whole, true, healthy selves in the present moment.

“I offer deep gratitude to Jess for her support, guidance and love, and for sharing with me the teachings that have so profoundly and joyfully changed my life. I also bow down to all the beings – mentors, practitioners, friends and foes – that have been my teachers and guides on this dappled path to wholeness, connection and freedom.”