Mental Game

Today I felt strong and focused. I am learning so much about myself and how I take practice and do life. I have shifted my attitude about what I can do. When I started yoga ten years ago, I could do very little as I was completely locked up and stiff. My physical limitations were real.
Slowly, months of practice have turned into years of practice, which have lessened my physical limits.

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 01 - Mental Game

Now it is completely a mental game. I have the power to say yes and concentrate on what is needed in the moment. I now know whatever my mind does, my body follows. The mental game requires vigilance and sharp focus. Without that, the body fails.

Here, students do a pose over and over again until it is wrapped in the body’s memory. It is an excellent practice for life as it is so easy to skip over difficulties or sort of try. We then form a habit of avoidance of what we perceive as difficult or unpleasant, or cling to what is pleasant. The path to a happy and liberated life requires a disciplined and trainable mind.

We can choose to live in the land of possibilities, whatever that is for us. Say, yes, I will try, more often and see where the journey leads you. Working with our mindset to discern faulty perceptions that lay down beliefs and then, actions we take, is the process of yoga. Purification of body/mind can be a path toward living life directly, moment by moment.

Don’t give up!