Julie LeBlanc

Julie Le BlancIt is with an inquisitive mind that Julie approaches her own Yoga practice and classes. As an avid and devoted student, she feels that the only permanence is the materiality of her mat; all else evolves and sways, the practice taking her through a journey that has as many shades and tones as an ever changing sun rise.

For Julie, Yoga is truly a gateway to preserving an eternal sense of wonder and curiosity toward the subtle openings in the body, the gentle release of a tension, the coming face-to-face with a dreaded obstacle: in other words, the Self and its fantastic journey through life. It is then with that mindset of awesomeness and marvel that she wishes to lovingly guide her fellow students through their own compassionate inquiry beginning on the mat, knowing that their very presence in the room holds the seed of numerous life-enriching opportunities. She wishes to inspire playfulness in her students as well, and help them delve in the depth and beauty of their true nature.

Her heart swells with gratitude for our beautiful Harmony Yoga Community and its caring Teachers. Julie feels deeply inspired by every Practitioner and can only hope to light an additional tiny spark in their mind and their heart to help keep the fire of their attentive devotion alive.

”The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” — Aldous Huxley