Jenesa Tomich

Intro to Ashtanga - Jenesa

Jenesa is a certified Yoga teacher who started this journey in 2014. She took her first 200-hour yoga teacher training here at Harmony Yoga Center, taught by her first beloved teacher, Deborah Carruthers. She now has well over 700 hours of extensive yoga training from around the globe and has taken numerous workshops with world-renowned teachers that have all inspired her.

Jenesa is passionate about Yoga and loves to share what she has learned from all her teachers. She is most grateful for how this path has led her to connect more deeply to her heart and spirit. With Mysore-style and led classes from beginner to advanced, Jenesa hopes that her students will begin to cultivate a comfortable relationship with their breath, settling into a deeper, more balanced and mindful practice.

When not teaching, you will find Jenesa with her hubby, Brad. She enjoys creating new dishes made with lots of love to share with her family and friends. When not in the kitchen or working on their property, you will find Jenesa steeping herself in nature. She believes deeply in the medicine of the natural world that is accessible to all if we simply pay attention.

“The Very Centre of Your Heart is Where Life Begins – the Most Beautiful Place on Earth’ — Rumi

Come as you are!

Much Love,