Jenesa Tomich

Intro to Ashtanga - JenesaHello beautiful community!

When I was first drawn to yoga it was for the physical exercise and flexibility. I soon found the healing benefits went beyond the physical and brought inspiration back into my life. My dedication and curiosity kept me coming back to my mat.

In April 2014, I took my 200-hour teacher training through Harmony Yoga Center to deepen my own practice and my understanding of the ancient teachings. Through these teachings I have found the Ashtanga (Eight-Limb) method created by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois to be life-changing… a philosophy I continue to practice daily.

Continuing to steep myself in the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, I travelled to Mysore, India, in 2015 to study at the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) with Saraswathi Jois. Since then, I have studied with various authorized Ashtanga teachers including Sharath Jois and a 200-hour Ashtanga Intensive teacher training with Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor at the Miami Life Center.

With heart-led classes, my hope is to bring more awareness to the breath; helping find the ease in each posture.

It is a dream come true to bring as much healing to others through the practice of yoga as it has brought to me.

I am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teacher, Deborah, has shared with me.

“See the light that is in everyone and treat them as though that’s all you see.”