Hypnotherapy w/ Natascha Leimbigler

Natascha Julia HypnotherapyNatascha Leimbigler
M.Sc., CHt., Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified in “The virtual gastric band”, certified Soul Key Therapy practitioner
Graduate of the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy in Vancouver, BC

Offering clinical hypnotherapy and Soul Journeys


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Contact — Please contact me for more information or a free consultation by email at info@nataschajulia.com or phone at 250-800-3199.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Did you know that hypnotherapy is a fast, effective way to bring about positive change in almost any area of your life?

How so? Your subconscious mind, making up an estimated 93% of your brain, is the source of your hopes, fears, habits and belief systems – in short, the way you live your life. Your conscious, thinking mind is like a stubborn guard, resisting changes you may desire to make in your life.

Negative beliefs or blocks that result in bad habits, anxiety, fears, difficulties in shedding weight, insomnia or inability to heal are therefore “stuck” in the subconscious mind. In hypnosis, we are able to access the subconscious mind directly and change those problem areas.

How Does It Work?

We create a deeply relaxed state of being, where the brainwaves slow down to alpha and theta frequencies. Hypnosis is a natural state, similar to that of daydreaming, meditating or the feeling of being totally captivated and enthralled by a movie. You remain in total control at all times.

And it feels fantastic – many clients don’t want to emerge from that feeling of blissful relaxation, from floating “on cloud nine”!

In the hypnotic state, resistance of the conscious thinking mind is set aside. Now we can access and change limiting ingrained beliefs from the past . Negative habits and traumas can be released and healed. Unhealthy patterns and behaviours are shed easily and painlessly, and replaced by positive belief systems.

Therapeutic Techniques

Hypnotherapy is very safe and gentle, and works rapidly to bring about powerful results. I use a variety of therapeutic techniques in the hypnotic state, including time line regression (regress to cause), circle therapy, inner child work, positive suggestion, visualization and imagery, different forms of release and more.

You and I work together as a team to overcome any obstacles to your goals and dreams so you can enjoy the personal and professional fulfillment you deserve.

Hypnotherapy is effective for:

  • Building confidence
  • Overcoming insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Stop smoking
  • Personal development (reducing stress and anxiety, eliminating fears and phobias, breaking bad habits, overcoming trauma and grief)
  • Healing support (chronic pain and complex conditions like cancer and fibromyalgia)

And go a step further…

Access your superconscious through SOUL JOURNEYS!

Experience Past-Life regression and Life-Between-Life Regression – through Soul Key Therapy as taught by Martin Peterson (student of Michael Newton, author of “Journey of Souls”)

Services and Rates

I offer a 3-session program (which is a minimum for most issues) to achieve long-lasting success. For complex issues such as weight loss or chronic pain further sessions are recommended.  My comprehensive programs are built to deliver long-lasting success and utilize crucial techniques such as future pacing, time-line therapy, regress to cause, inner child work, deep release & forgiveness work, anchors and tools, self-hypnosis skills, breaking associations, guided imagery, compounding and pyramiding positive suggestions.

Each session can last between 60-90 minutes, depending on the hypnotic experience.

Individual sessions are also available. Please contact me for information about rates.