Full of Love

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 25 - Jeep GroupOur last Sunday here in Thekkady. Anthony from Chrissie’s Hotel, who is one of many staff that support us here, invited us to his Catholic Church for a festive celebration for children. We, of course, rode in a jeep and climbed a narrow road up a hilltop to a small park for children. For the first time in days, the sun was out for most of the day. The young man riding on the tire was anchored down by Judy and Stella.

After our yoga practice and coconut pancakes with fresh fruit or curry, we came together with hotel volunteers and some staff to wrap pencils, erasers, and small candy to give out to 150 children at church. After the procession and the Father gave his sermon, we were invited into the church and introduced by name. We were warmly welcomed, and then I was asked to say a few words into a mike. How can you express how moved you feel? Looking out at warm smiles and loving eyes more than once moved me to tears. This is yoga in action.

Within minutes we gave our gifts to the children. Some were missed, and we felt it. Anthony assured us everyone was happy. Next on to Anshad’s home to be served a traditional lunch, Muslim-style. His father’s smile and nodding head as he served us was felt and understood well. His 8-year-old daughter was coming in and out, speaking with us.

It was a close time to ask questions and get to know them. Anthony invited to his home where we sat and enjoyed fresh ginger tea and more conversation.

For me this is India, full of love, sharing and a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 25 - Anthonys Family - Full of Love