End of Week Practice

As each day rolls into another, I find it difficult to differentiate time between days, weeks, and the end of this month. I feel grounded in the present, dipping into the past and looking to the future. They all blend together. Some days I never want to leave, other days I long for rain and cool weather.

I seem to be guided here by angels who appear exactly when I need something. Last night I was awake as the sky stormed with thunder and lightning. Slept a little later until 4:30 am and moved slowly and methodically, packing a change of clothes and a bun with peanut butter. It was as if an angel guided me to do those things, as I didn’t consciously connect that this was Friday, which means Sadhana after practice until 11 am. Wet clothes and sitting are not good. Thank you!

On Fridays, everyone practices only Primary as if to end the practice week with a sense of ground and review of all that has been integrated. Sharmila is happy when you try – it doesn’t have to be perfect, pretty, or connected – you just try what is difficult.

Today was my first practice that I kept an even breath – four-count in/out five times, and it was so grounding. The practice seemed easy and light. She could see that and acknowledged this. She said we would move forward starting Sunday – moving through the dense forest through to the light. I know I need more time with her. It’s not to be, this year, but I will plan for next year.

Love to you all.