Empty Chairs

I arrived after an easy journey to Cochin, Kerala. I so appreciate Anne’s Residency, quiet, beautiful gardens, air conditioning, and a soft bed. Oh so happy! A wonderful group of women are en route, and soon the empty chairs will be filled; the air punctuated by laughter, excitement, and awe.

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 06 - Empty Chairs

After finishing three weeks of intensive practice and living in Goa, my needs have shifted to coolness, rest, Ayurvedic massages, and meditation.
Last night I treated myself to a nice restaurant after living sparsely in Goa. My bank card did not work there, so two meals a day and thankfully Mama Bhakti fed me lunch. My bank card works here.

I want to describe the magic that happens here in this way. My intention was to deepen my meditation practice and yes, after the meal, I met a woman who teaches right beside the restaurant. We made arrangements for me to come at 5 am this morning and I did a little yoga, then skillfully guided by Sitar and being fanned to keep heat and mosquitoes away, began to work with mantra and third-eye vision. Will be back for a second session at 4 pm.

Thank you, India.

Love Deb