Counselling w/ Dale MacIntyre

Dale MacIntyre
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Dale MacIntyreIf you’d like to connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation, please call 250-816-0588, email, or visit

My approach to counselling therapy is solution-focused and mindfulness-based. I have extensive experience working with people who seek recovery from addiction and its effects on relationships and families, people who are grieving or struggling with other relational issues.

But no matter the problem or issues people feel stuck in, a solution-focused approach means we don’t spend a lot of time examining problematic feelings, behaviors and so on. Instead, we work collaboratively to develop a vision of the future when the problem is solved. In the end, with this approach, clients find their own way to a solution based on their goals, strategies, strengths, and resources. And, because it’s considered brief therapy, it can be cost effective.

I’d like to add that I’m grateful to be a part of the wellness team at Harmony Yoga. It allows me to contribute to the work of this creative and supportive community that has helped me deepen my yoga and meditation practice.

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