Daily Ritual

We have journeyed through our first week together since arriving in Thekkady. Three days of silence helped us to establish communion with ourselves and our tribe. Breaking the fast of silence led to a joyful chatter with each other. We have settled into a daily ritual of meditation at 5:30 am, followed by coffee or tea and a chat. Then, we assemble on our yoga mats to see what will unfold. Many surprises and ah-ha moments.

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 16 - Practice

Breakfast is a sensory experience of Indian and continental flavours, served by our hotel family with smiles and love. Between breakfast and circle time at 10:30 am, folks rest, shop, or connect with home.

Sharing our experiences and deepening our understanding of what yoga is each day brings us closer to our deeper longings and individual quests.

As the days go on, we meet eagerly in the dining room to see what delicious foods will be presented. And, of course, there is Chai tea, cardamom milk, or whatever our wishes are. Adele, our host, serves along with his staff and explains the dishes. We try to eat as much as possible and wish we had two stomachs! We do our best.

Today, the sun turned off, and we have heavy rain and storms. It’s an inside day and time for quiet and reflection. I sit amongst a group of wise and courageous women who are inquiring, reflecting, and deepening their relationship to Self and others.

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 16 - LunchOur feast at lunch was traditional Indian thali, served on a banana leaf, and enjoyed with our fingers. Followed, of course, by hot chocolate for this rainy day.

Afternoon practice today will be yin, as our stomachs are full and our energy, quiet and reflective. I am deeply grateful to be so well cared for here, and supported by our team at home, keeping the flow going.

With love,