Covid-Safety Plan: All Hearts on Deck

** Update March 31st: Due to the Current restrictions, we are offering Online classes only until April 19th. Thank you for your understanding! Please reach out with any questions. We’re always happy to help!**


Covid-19 Safety Plan for Harmony Yoga Offering Low-Intensity Fitness Activity: Updated Dec 9th 2020

Thank you to our teachers and students for your diligence. It takes a village!

Teachers and Staff: 

  • Health checks before arriving each day: teachers complete the daily health check and confirm on arrival (verbal declaration)  it was completed. 
  • Teachers must wash or sanitize hands when arriving
  • Online classes are offered in the event that a teacher does not pass the health check
  • Admin has the option to work off-site whenever possible to limit contact in studio. 
  • Classes scheduled with minimum 15mins between two classes to allow safe exiting and entering for students 
  • Spot- cleaning of floor spaces used by students is done between classes
  • Staff who have covid-19 symptoms must self isolate for 10 days
  • Staff who have been in contact with someone with covid 19 must isolate and teach from home 
  • All teachers are informed about policies and updated as changes are made 
  • Teachers and staff monitor to and to ensure that Covid Safety plan is followed and enforced. 


  Students and customers

  • Masks are worn in all common areas 
  • Masks are provided for anyone who needs one.
  • Students must pre register for classes ahead of time. 
  • Sanitizer is provided at exit , entrance and  throughout the lobby for convenience
  • Students take self health check (posted at the door) before entering building
  • Online classes are offered and encouraged as an alternative 
  • Students bring their own water bottle, props and yoga mats for practice. 
  • Studio propscan be used, if students forgets props 
  • Used Studio props are cleaned and quarantined for 24 hours. 
  • Student name and contact info is required for each class to enable contact tracing 
  • As well as in person updates, Students are sent regular newsletters and emails to keep them informed on changes. 
  • Students are directed to breathe gently through nose ( no hard exhalations through mouth) during class
  • Students who leave mid-class are not replaced by waitlist students. 
  • Single Classes can be used for online classes. Multi-class and unlimited passes can be used in studio.

Work Place: 

Lobby: The front entrance, desk, coat rack, retail area

Studio: The yoga space

  • Masks mandatory in all common areas ( for those able to wear masks) 
  • Mask are available for those that need
  • Physical Distance directed with signs and with Floor markers in lobby and studio. 
  • There is no congregating in the studio or lobby before or after class. 
  • Separate entrance to building is monitored by teacher or staff
  • Doors propped open whenever possible to reduce high touch
  • Air Purifiers (kill germs and virus) run during class 
  • We have posted an occupancy limit for the lobby: 3  Students are directed to wait by sign to keep Cycle Therapy entrance free
  • Posted Occupancy limit for the studio:13 
  • Stalled/ double washroom is closed. Only the single occupancy accessible washroom is open.
  • Washroom has running water, soap, and paper towel. 
  • Studio floor is clearly marked to identify where students’ mats are placed. 
  • Mats are 2metres apart. 
  • High ceilings, excellent building fan and ventilation system, air purifiers and open doors maintain safe ventilation during classes.
  • During class, studio is heated to room temperature by infrared heaters without use of blowing air heater
  • There is a 3 metre separation between teacher and students for the entire class. Masks are worn anytime the teacher is not on their mat. 
  • Yoga Cues are offered verbally from teachers. No Hands on Adjustments are made. 
  • Music in Class is not played about speaking volume.


Cleaning Protocols: 

  • High Contact surfaces are cleaned 8:30 am and 2pm: studio floor, doors, lights, counter, electronics, water fountain, washroom ( sink, lights, toilet, accessibility bar). 
  • Deep cleans are 1 per day ( afternoon between classes). Deep clean is all floors ( studio, lobby, washroom), counters throughout, washrooms ( sink, toilet, door handles), carpets, used props. 
  • Spot cleaning is done after each class ( sweeping and mopping yoga spaces used)
  • Cleaners protective gear: masks and gloves encouraged
  • Studio Props are quarantined and cleaned after use ( students are actively encouraged to bring props from home) 
  • Hand Sanitizer is offered throughout the studio 
  • High-Quality Air purifiers are run to kill airborne germs and virus, 
  • Teachers: Disinfect Ipad and Ear Mic, and Stereo after their class
  • Any Retail clothing tried on is quarantined for 24 hours.
  •  Staff is directed to wash hands often.