Cochin and Thekkady

After three weeks on my own, I was so filled with joy to greet my friends. They arrived safely around 5:30 am after the driver drove in circles for a bit. Bonnie knew where to turn, but the driver persisted in trying to figure it out himself. The only hiccup in the long journey here.

So delighted to stay with Anne and her family again. After everyone had a few hours rest, we set out to explore Cochin. It was helpful to know where to eat and what to do, as well as explore new things.¬†Some very good food for dinner and off to bed to rest for Friday’s trek up the hills.

When we arrived at Chrissie’s hotel in Thekkady, we were greeted with jasmine flowers, hugs, and lunch.

Today, Sunday, we have settled into the groove of meditation, posture practice, Ayurvedic massages, eating, and resting.

Love love love.

Debs India Blog - 2018 Nov 10 - Cochin and Thekkady