Debs India Blog - 2018 Oct 28 - BreakfastBreakfast has become my favourite meal here. Time is flipped upside down, and so are my eating habits. I take nothing for granted here: not my body, energy, sleep, food, and ATMs that won’t give me money. It’s an interesting experience living basically on ten dollars a day. Which means breakfast in a restaurant that fills me until the afternoon.

Again today, the ATM declined both my cards. As much as I would like to buy some things, I cannot, as I don’t know when or if I will have funds. The money is there in my bank, but for some reason, I cannot access it. Faith and trust in what is here, a deep knowing that I will be taken care of.

Spoke with Sharmila today and we are both sad there are only six more practice days. We are just beginning to find depth and rhythm. Each day brings small victories and a beautiful smile and words of encouragement from Sharmila. It is the subtleties that create the story of life. When we are stripped of our comforts and distractions, it is easy to feel.

For now, I take comfort in a wholesome breakfast and will see where the day takes me.