Beginner’s Mind

Debs India Blog - 2019 Oct 31 - Jaipur

On our first full day on the G Adventures tour, I woke feeling rested and grateful to be back in India, exploring new territory. Approaching each day with a beginner’s mind, repeating many times during the day when asked a question, “I don’t know. Let’s ask Shaz.” Observing the western mindset of wanting to know how things are going to unfold and how to respond in unfamiliar situations.

I am eager to absorb the cultural and historical teachings that Shaz shares each day. He encourages us to bring questions, and we feel his pride as he shares his knowledge.

Inspired women — open to the experiences as they unfold — offering up curiosity, generosity, patience, and friendship. I honour the path that is both collective and uniquely individual.

Inspiration ignited from India’s people’s devotion to their gods, to lead a life of service and to see humanity through the lens of happiness and love.

Enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life: a meal shared in communion with others, slowing down, making room for life to unfold.