Anne-Marie Reilander

Anne-Marie ReilanderAnne-Marie first encountered yoga as a young girl, practicing with her mother, who is still to this day practicing hatha yoga. As the years progressed, Anne-Marie began a formal practice in Ashtanga yoga and found out why her mother made yoga a lifelong practice. “Yoga is my therapy and it is a therapy that is within reach for everyone. I want to share this practice with as many people as I can.” Since then, Anne-Marie has practiced with Prem and Radha Carlisi in Bali, David Robson in Toronto, and of course Pat Copping and Dana Blonde at her first studio in Calgary. She has also attended many workshops with teachers such as Kino MacGregor, David Garrigues and Harmony Slater.

To balance Anne-Marie’s Ashtanga practice, Anne-Marie found Restorative yoga with Gord Desautels at The Yoga Shala Calgary and absolutely adored it. “Restorative yoga allows a person to get in touch with not only their physical being, but with their spirit and soul and our divine connection with the world.” Anne-Marie believes in cultivating a strong physical and spiritual connection with Mother Earth and our spirit existing in this realm. Through Restorative yoga, Anne-Marie will guide you through a deep and connecting practice to become in tune with our human and spiritual nature. “Long held postures and guided meditation, with a love for one’s body, soul and connection to the divine in this lifetime, can lead not only to deep relaxation, but an awakening to our own positive power within.”

Anne-Marie wants to thank all her amazing teachers over the years, starting with her mother. Thank you also to Pat Copping, Dana Blonde, Gord Desautels and all the teachers at The Yoga Shala Calgary, David Robson at The Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, Prem and Radha Carlisi at The Ashtanga Research Centre in Bali, Indonesia, and, most importantly, Sarah Domes for teaching me how to really convey the power of Restorative yoga to others. Anne-Marie also expresses sincere gratitude to her amazing current Ashtanga instructor, Deborah Carruthers at Harmony Yoga, Duncan. “Deb, you share such a light with your clients, your students and the world. It’s an inspiration, something I want to emulate.”

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