3/25/2020: The Road Ahead

“Through imagination, we tap into our highest human potential and encounter that which is more than human in us: that which is divine.”― Sally Kempton

Our thoughts and well wishes are with everyone. We very much miss you, miss teaching and sharing with you. I have taken some days for quiet reflection, meditation, writing, and reading.
I am finding great comfort in the ancient teachings that lay out a path for us in our collective suffering. I look forward to sharing these teachings with you.No photo description available.
We are in a time of great challenge with the swift removal of our freedom to move about in the world and connect face-to-face with our friends and family. My mother lives in a care facility and we cannot visit her in a time when she needs us the most. It breaks my heart.
Nonetheless, it is time to inquire deeply, radically about what is truly important for the health and well-being of all living beings on this planet. It is an opportunity to discern truth, to question and to surrender to transformation.
We may be in process of birthing a more harmonious way of being with each other and the planet. Crisis calls on us to leave old, our outworn structures, beliefs, habits behind and vision together new possibilities. This is our opportunity. My heart has been overwhelmed with love from the kind words, gestures and compassion you have shown me and the world.
When things appear to be falling apart, it is the time when we reach deeply into what is important and start to shift from our survival selves to our collective selves. Collectively we can start to address these issues and find our way back to living in balance.
Can we reduce pollution, global warming, poverty and the disease of disconnection? Can we stay connected in a real way, heartfelt conversations, support, acts of kindness and compassion? These questions can be answered when we walk in the woods, listen to the birds, rejoice in the miracle of nature and take time to meditate and practice yoga.
Our fears can be dispelled when we close our eyes, tune into our breath and observe our thoughts without being hijacked by them. We learn that thoughts, feelings, events are coming and going, constantly changing and transforming.
We can dispel fear by sitting quietly with conscious attention on the breath, putting our legs up the wall, putting on relaxing music to bring our nervous system into balance.
Notice what insights are arising in this time, what do you want to cultivate more of as life continues to flow. Write down your thoughts and inspirations and share them with someone. Many of you have shared with us that you are keeping up your practice and some of you are dedicating practice to Harmony. We love hearing from you and welcome some levity by your sharing of funny home practice videos and stories.
Deep gratitude to all of you for your support, to our teachers and friends who are checking in and offering help and encouragement.
Love and blessings to all of you,


Looking Ahead

We have been feeling uplifted by the creativity we are tapping into! We are nervous, yes. But we are feeling more hopeful and energized by the possibilities that are present in any challenge or change.
We are currently setting up online classes that will begin in April! You can access these with current passes or by purchasing new passes (details on that to come).
This is new terrain for our teachers and students, but we are looking forwards to sharing the teachings again and seeing how this new offering unfolds!
We are sorting out the details, please stay tuned more info! We hope to connect once a week to keep you abreast of what we will be offering. We would also love to hear from you about what we can do to help.

Supporting Eachother.

We love being a supportive and grounding community space. We love sharing and learning with all of you.
Like all small businesses, we are feeling both the weight of the financial impact and the spark that comes when you blend hope and creativity.
We will re-schedule our upcoming workshops for future dates and those that have already purchased spaces will be able to use that pass for the new date.
If you are needing to adjust/refund/extend your passes, my personal ask is to consider the impact this has on us when requests are multiplied by 10, 20, 40 etc. If you have been deeply impacted, we are here to support you and to find solutions with you. We need the practices now more than ever.
If there are those that can weather this with us, it will mean Harmony yoga will be here when this lifts.
To each one of you, we will show our unending gratitude in the ways we can!
If you are looking to support Harmony, please consider purchasing gift certificates for yourself, friends or family. This is a beautiful way we can support and uplift each other.
We have already been moved to tears by your support and kind words.