Bonnie Williamson

Bonnie Williamson

I practice yoga because my body likes it, I come back to my mat because my heart loves it, and I study yoga to satisfy my monkey mind. Add to this a daily meditation practice and where else could I get a full heart, mind, body experience?

Yoga and meditation have become a way of life. With the lovely support of my husband I get to do the things I love, work as a clinical counsellor, teach at Harmony, engage in a daily yoga and meditation practice, and sometimes quilt, garden, and walk the dog.

I have often teased Deborah there should be a Surgeon General’s Warning sign above the door to Harmony. “Careful, participating in yoga is known to cause bouts of long-standing physical and emotional wellness, reoccurring episodes of bliss, and may cause general overall joy in life.” And you might find yourself going to India twice in one year! Who knew 3 years ago these doors would open… And now the practice of yoga begins.

I am grateful to the Harmony community of yogis and fellow teachers. I feel blessed to be a part of this community.

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